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1、Business people (5)

With the continuous increase in business volume, and expand their business scope, the company needs for business people is also growing. The company is mainly responsible for handling daily operations, develop customers, maintain customer relationships. The company will conduct business personnel training and development, its business continued to improve, and ultimately as a regional sales representative companies. 

2、Procurement (1)

As the company personnel changes, the need for a procurement officer responsible for supplies, materials procurement staff to assist in charge of procurement to complete the procurement task assigned by superiors to ensure the company's normal production activities. At the same time buyers need to offer all suppliers a comprehensive analysis, comparison, reducing the company's operating costs, guarantee high-quality, high-quality raw materials. 

3、Motor Quality Control (1)

Responsible for managing the motor of the finished product, the quality supervision and inspection, and to assist the completion of the workshop supervisor instruction by higher authorities, and ensure the company's product quality, excellent quality. 

4、Assistant General Manager (1)

Help complete the daily production general manager, general manager of the management company on behalf of the size of the transaction. Staff supervision. We need to have good communication skills, coordination within the company in all aspects.