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Linear motors for machine tool feed system problems that may occur

Date:2015-07-09    Read:[ ] 次

Supply Changzhou Tsu'tey brand hybrid linear stepper motors, stepper motors and other electrical products slowdown Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. Merak engineers think linear motor for machine tool feed system may appear the following four questions:

  (1) heating problem

Since the linear motor is in poor heat dissipation inside the machine, its primary and secondary windings of electromagnetic energy during the heat generated during the conversion, and easy to increase the temperature T; and T rises and will cause stepper motor winding resistance R is increased, this time to ensure that the driving force output remains unchanged, we will increase its current value I, in turn, will make the T raised its increasing value of I, which the process of forming a vicious cycle of positive feedback. Also, because the linear motor winding, the core is attached to the rail of the machine, the result will be a serious cause Machine Tool thermal deformation.

  This is compared with the rotary motor drive mode, on the one hand the use of the motor shaft itself better cooling fan that can, on the other hand after the screw rotating motor and other gear, the space has been far from the machine tool guide, and not the existence of problems that result from thermal deformation. So after machine tool feed system using linear stepper motor drive, to solve their heat problem is a crucial step.
 (2) magnetic isolation and protection issues

Because of the rotating magnetic field is enclosed motor, and linear motors magnetic field is open, and in the vicinity of the machine table, its parts, chips and tools can easily be sucked to the magnetic field, and interfere with their normal work. For this reason, although the use of electromagnetic permanent magnet than a little is good, but it still can not be ignored magnetic isolation protection. And the need to consider the machine tool coolants, lubricants and other protection.

 (3) Load Interference

Linear motor drive control can only be closed-loop control. Its table load (workpiece weight, cutting force, etc.) changes, for a stable system, it is outside interference, if it might cause the system to automatically adjust the shocks and instability.

  Therefore, the entire linear feed drive system is concerned, in addition to the requirements of the linear motor has strong load capability, it must also have the speed and position detection of negative feedback, and high-speed information transmission, correction, response capabilities. And also should minimize friction damping between the rails, such as rolling rail or magnetic cushion suspension rail. Also in the same time to increase the capacity of the linear motor, if appropriate to increase the weight of the table, there will be some effect on reducing its load disturbance factor.
  (4) vertical feed of weight problems

When applied to vertical linear stepper motor feed mechanism, due to the weight of the carriage, it is necessary to solve the problem when the linear motor and self-locking when powered off work to its gravitational impact. To this end, in addition to increasing the right balance weights (or hydraulic support), take the mechanical self-locking device when power is off, it must also be taken in the servo drive control module corresponding measures.